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Please contact us for more information, available days, and tuition.
Office: 424.293.2387
Cell: 424.535.6768
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Alouette® Childcare is licensed by the state for a Large Family Childcare License.
We can only enroll:

  • 4 children in the Infants Group (from 6 months to 24 months)
  • 8 children in the Toddlers Group (from 2 years old and above)
  • 2 children in the School age group (from 5 years and above)

Welcome procedure for New Families:

  • Tour/Interview:
    Call 424-293-2387 or email to set up a date/time to meet initially.
    Please plan to spend 30-45 minutes during this first meeting. Please bring your child.
    For the safety and privacy of the children and families currently enrolled in our care, I do not conduct interviews during child care hours. We can arrange a meet and greet for the children to become acquainted before your child's first day.
  • Acceptance/Enrollment:
    After we have finished conducting interviews for the available space, we will notify you by the predetermined date. Prior to your child's first day, you will need to complete and return the enrollment packet.
  • First Day:
    We empathize you leaving your child somewhere new. Please arrive a few minutes early to show your child where his/her cubby is and to reassure him/her. We will text photos and updates throughout the transition period.

Here a few examples of our handbook/policies:


Please be considerate if your child shows any signs of an oncoming illness. Provider has the obligation to protect children in Provider’s care from illness whenever possible. Children with the following conditions must be kept home and will be sent home if these conditions become apparent:

  • Fever over 99°F
  • Vomiting
  • Skin rash or eruptions of unknown origin
  • Constant cough
  • Heavy nasal discharge
  • If a runny nose is related to allergies, please provide a doctor’s note stating that fact
  • Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis – such as pink eye or thick discolored drainage from the eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Upset stomach
  • Parasites – nits, lice, crabs, etc.

Child will also be sent home when the Provider believes, in the Provider’s judgment, that Child’s condition poses a threat to the health or safety of Child or other children or staff in the program.

A child who becomes ill at the child care will be separated from the group and Parent will be called. Parent must pick up Child within 45 minutes after being notified of Child’s illness. After 45 minutes Parent will be charged a late pick-up fee in accordance with Section 3&4 and the actual coast of any additional expenditure related to isolated care.

If we cannot contact one of the Parent, we will refer to the emergency info card and we will call you back to tell you whom pick-up your Child.

If Child is sent home due to illness, this will be considered an absence in accordance with Section 4 of the Contract.

Before returning your child to daycare they MUST BE free of all symptoms for 24 hours from the last onset of symptom.


There is a two-week trial period for each family. Either party may terminate this agreement within this period, by written notice, with or without cause. NO REFUNDS will be given during this time. Provider will refund the deposit and prepaid fees in accordance with section 10 of your contract.


Provider will release Child only to:

  • Parents with legal and/or physical custody or to Child’s legal guardian;
  • Anyone Parent or guardian has authorized by prior arrangement with Provider in writing; or
  • Police or welfare workers with proper authorization.

Anyone picking up Child that Provider (or Provider’s assistant) does not recognize will be required to provide their driver’s license / ID card.

All persons dropping off/picking up Child must sign Child in/out upon arrival and departure each day.
No one may remove Child from the child care without first notifying Provider.